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Awakening the Inner Healer

I am a shamanic practitioner doing shamanic healing.
Shaman, Druid, and Reiki Master Wayne HartFor thousands of years our ancestors developed practices to heal body, mind, and soul.  I use these archaic practices to harness the human abilities of mind and spirit for healing and problem-solving.  This remarkable system of practices developed by the ancients is today known as "shamanism." Shamans journey to hidden worlds otherwise mainly known through myth, dream, and near-death experiences to work on behalf of their clients.  

What is a Shaman

The word “shaman” is derived from a Siberian Tungus word for priest or medicine healer, one who keeps the knowledge.  A shaman interacts in both the normal physical world and the unseen spiritual world.  Acting as an intermediary between these worlds the shaman works to invoke spirit helpers to act on behalf of his client.  Shamanism is the oldest form of healing and spirituality and exists in some form in most cultures worldwide and influenced many modern medicines and therapeutic practices.

What is a Druid

Druids flourished during the Iron Age (1200 BC to 400 AD) as an elite class in Celtic culture.  Considered the holders of oral traditions of their tribes their bardic abilities made their poetry honored among the Celts.  As vates they were also considered seers and healers.  Thus Druids performed many Shamanic functions for the Celts.  I work as a Celtic shaman using ancient Celtic traditions.

Shamanic healing work is done in the spirit realm and works on the spirit aspects of life.  It is not a substitute for any professional medical, psychological, or therapeutic treatment.  For medical and psychological issues it is important that the client seek professional assistance in those fields before engaging the services of any complimentary practitioner including a Shaman.

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